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Areas of Expertise

Aviation Liability Property, [Fire/Flood/Earthquake] Commercial, Residential & Marine Structures.
Construction Fire & Property Loss Analysis and Consultant
Marine Construction, Docks, Piers, Small Boat Buildings above water
Insurance Appraisal and Claims Consultant
Business Interruption
Heavy Equipment, Road, Construction & Agricultural
Agricultural Losses
Developed Claim Formula for Cotton Losses
Food and Wine Processing Losses
Livestock and Poultry Losses
Marine Surveyor both Power & Sail - Certified

Marine Cargo [Wet Marine] type claims.
Independent Industry Expert for the State of California Contractors State License Board
Environmental Losses to include serving as Project Manager 07 Division on behalf of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Liability Fund re: claims of Subsistence Native Alaskans, as a result of damages from the Exxon-Valdez Tanker Oil Spill in 1989.

Served as an expert Defense Witness and Defense Appraiser on Property, Marine, Mechanical, Construction and Agricultural Litigation cases in the California Municipal and Superior Court. Superior Court in the State of New Jersey. Superior Court in the State of Delaware. The Circuit Court in the State of Florida.

A. Michael De Cesare Partial Attorney’s List.

I have handled cases for over the years as a Private Investigator; Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster; Construction Loss Analyst & Marine Surveyor; Marine Hull & Cargo “Wet Marine” Losses.

Dana Anderson – Criminal Defense Investigations

Barfield, Dryden & Ruane – Insurance Marine Medical Products

Charles S. Poochigian- Fresno, CA. Food Contamination – Plaintiff

Curtis B. Sisk –Fresno, CA – Criminal Defense Case

Dale Blickenstaff- Fresno, CA [Former Fresno. Co. D.A.] Plaintiff Case

Dennis Neudek – Fresno, CA – Civil & Criminal Defense Cases

Frank Creede [Retired Superior Court Judge] Fresno, CA – Insurance Defense Case Gregory Myers – Fresno, CA – Insurance Defense; Criminal Defense Cases

Hollis Best – Insurance Defense Cases [Former Fresno Co. Superior Court Judge]

James P. Wagoner – Fresno, CA – Insurance defense Cases

Jeffrey H. Smith – Fresno, CA – Insurance Defense Case

Joan P. Wilkie – Fresno, CA – Insurance Defense Case

John Dawson – Fresno, CA Insurance & Criminal Defense/Cattle Rustling Cases

June G. Register – Fresno, CA Marital/Probate Case.

Ronald Cook-Willoughby, Stuart & Bening – Appraisal-Mediation

James Barstow – Insurance General Liability

J. Edward Kerley- Hereford-Kerley Attys. Oakland, CA- Plaintiff Insurance Claims Manfredo, Best & Forbes – Insurance General Liability

Marlin Costello- Fresno, CA – Criminal Defense Case

Martin Eisenberg – San Mateo, CA – Insurance Defense Property Damage Analyst Borton, Petrini & Conron – Insurance General Liability

Bill Dawson,-Insurance General Liability-Criminal (Cattle Rusling)

Peter B. Eldridge – Insurance General Liability

Martin Eisenberg- Insurance Fraud, Bad Faith, Construction Defect

Paul Eisler – Medical Malpractice Hanna & Brophy – Insurance Workers Compensation Investigation

Daniel L. Keeling – Mechanical Products- Insurance Subrogation

Long & Levit – Insurance General Liability – Marine Construction Analysis

Low, Ball & Lynch – Insurance General Liability

Richard A. McCormick- Insurance General Liability

McMurchie, Foley, Brandenberger & Weill- Insurance General Liability

Morton & Roberta Ritter- Westwood, CA – Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Cases

Gregory Meyers- Insurance General Liability

Gary R. Nagle- Insurance General Liability ( Construction)

John Newman- Criminal Investigation

David Overstreet III- Insurance General Liability

Gordon M. Park- Insurance Fraud, Bad Faith, General Liability

Robert B. Robbins-Tile Insurance Liability

Ropers, Majesk, Kohn, Bentley, Wagner & Kane- Construction Loss Analyst Case

Sandell, Young & St. Louis- Insurance General Liability

Dudley W. Sheppard- Municipal General Liability

Jeffrey H. Smith- Insurance General Liability

Ronald Spector- Property Loss Fraud- Structural Loss Analysis

Gerald W. Stutsman- Insurance General Liability - Plaintiff

Thornton, Taylor & Downs- Milk Contamination Insurance Defense

Wilson, Elser, Edleman & Dicker- Insurance Truck & Cargo Liability

Richard Wolfe – Beverly Hills, CA - Insurance Marine Construction Damage Re-Construction Analysis- [Reconstruct Lake Elsinor Marina docks/piers/fuel depot, etc.]

Out of the State of California Attorneys list in New Jersey; Florida; Maryland; Nevada; Texas; Alaska; Pennsylvania and Delaware available upon request.

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