1. I am 94 years old and a widow. On July 26, 2008 my home in Telegraph Hill, Mariposa, California burned to the ground with all my contents, nothing was left. My insurance company dragged my claim out and then offered me a settlement 50% less than my actual loss. My accountant recommended A. Michael De Cesare, owner of Absolute Public Adjusters to handle my claim. Absolute Public Adjusters settled my claim for its full value on my home, all contents and temporary living expenses in excess of $825,000.00 within 45 days.

I would recommend anyone who has suffered a catastrophe loss to their property to contact A. Michael De Cesare, owner of Absolute Public Adjusters as they are very professional and kept me informed every step of the way.

A. Blanchard Mariposa, California

2. I owned a triple wide manufactured home with a separate garage, separate work shop, separate horse barn and corral that were all totally destroyed by the Telegraph Hill Fire in Mariposa on July 26, 2008. My insurance company attempted to settle my claim for 40% of my policy limits.

I hired Absolute Public Adjusters to handle my claim with my insurance company and within 60 days they recovered 100% of my entire insurance policy limits, over $450,000.00.

Michael De Cesare is the owner of Absolute Public Adjusters and he handled my claim personally in a very professional and prompt manner and always kept me up to date on everything that was happening with my claim with my insurance company.

I highly recommend Absolute Public Adjusters to assist you on your insurance claim.

J. Paquette Mariposa, CA.

3. My home was severally damaged by fire on May 12, 2008 that destroyed all my personal property including all my valuable antiques. My insurance company came and photographed 1 time, then forgot about me. I tried to contact the Claim Adjuster for over a month with no results. I tried to speak with his boss, he wasn’t any help. 

A well established Antique Shop in Fresno told me my insurance company would try to minimize the value on my antiques and recommended Michael De Cesare stating he has been in the insurance claims business for over 50 years working for insurance companies and now owns and operate absolute public adjuster firm.

I hired Mr. De Cesare, he could not get the claims man to cooperate and he went ahead and contacted the President of the insurance company and within 30 days my entire claim was settled for every penny I was entitled to under my policy. My house was fully restored and all my personal property and my additional living expenses were paid in full.

Absolute public adjusters never kept me in the dark on my claim, they either called me, met with me and sent every communication. They are very professional and I am 100% +++ satisfied with their services. I was paid over $600,000.00. I recommend Michael De Cesare to anyone who has had a fire claim.

J. Keller Fresno, California

4. I am a general contractor and don’t know anything about insurance policies. On February 6, 2009 my home burned to the ground with everything in it. I had no idea how to present my claim to my insurance company and they were very little help to me as they left everything up to me to do. Absolute Public Adjusters were recommended to us by one of their clients and the owner Mike De Cesare handled my claim.

The insurance company claimed that the fire was caused by arson and refused to pay the claim. Mike fought for us and proved that there was no arson. 

If anyone has a disaster claim to their property I would recommend Absolute Public Adjusters.

D. Hicks Twain Harte, California

5. I live in Oklahoma City and formerly from Kingsburg, California. I am a Heating and air conditioning contractor and I own several rental properties in Selma, California. One of my rental properties suffered a major fire claim. The insurance company denied my claim for some unknown reasons. I contacted the state insurance department in Sacramento and asked about a public adjuster in the Selma area, they gave me the name of absolute public adjusters. I contacted them and hired them to handle my claim. Within 30 days after I hired absolute public adjusters I was paid the full amount of my insurance policy on the fire destroyed rental home and also absolute public adjusters got my lost rent paid. I would not hesitate to use absolute public adjusters if I ever had another claim.

D. Rodriguez Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

6. My husband and I are retired State Employee Senior Citizens and we had a serious water damage claim from a broken hot water pipe in the cement foundation of our house damaging the newly remolded kitchen severally. Our insurance company sent out an Adjuster and he sent out a Civil Engineer who conducted a cursory inspection and told the insurance company the under cement pipe was broken for months. That’s impossible because we have propane and the propane company told us our propane bill was tripled because our hot water heater kept running 24/7 and that was only 3 weeks.

The insurance company denied our claim stating their Engineer told them the pipe was broken for over 3-4 months and a loss over 30 days and not reported, there was no insurance coverage available. We contacted the State Department of Insurance and they listed Absolute Public Adjusters, a Michael De Cesare [owner] came to our home, read our insurance policy and he took over the handling of our claim.

As a result of Absolute Public Adjusters expertise and professionalism, we got our entire claim paid that was over $385,000.00 in less than 45 days.

My husband and I highly recommend Absolute Public Adjusters to anyone.

H. Pineda Clovis, California

7. I am a Overseas Commercial Airline Pilot and live in the mountain area of Awahnee, California. As a result of high winds and torrential rains [over 3 inches of rain in less than 1 hour], my 2 story home was severally damaged as the roof was in the process of being re-roofed. My insurance company minimized my claim stating the roof was not covered, they ignored the fact that there was not rain forecasted for the next 10 days, and it would have taken the very next day to finish the new roof. They attempted to settle my claim for 30% of my damages, I refused and was referred to Absolute Public Adjusters.

The insurance company ignored Absolute Public Adjusters and the owner, Mr. De Cesare informed us that under the California Insurance Code in the event an insurance company was conducting unfair claims handling and we had to resort to filing a law suit and felt that we should pursue that avenue.

We hired an Attorney out of Oakland, California, he filed a suit and we went through a 7 week trial in Madera, California County Court. The jury awarded our full damages PLUS punitive damages that included our Attorneys fees and Absolute Public Adjusters fee and totaled well over $700,000.00.

If it was not for Absolute Public Adjusters we would have ended up on the short end and cheated by the insurance company the amount we were entitled to under our insurance policy. I would recommend Absolute Public Adjusters to handle a claim for anyone.

T. Borreson Awahnee, California

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